Faster Results. Better Service.



Thorough Analysis

Most companies simply give you no help in selecting items to validate. Our experts track down even the most forgotten debts to make sure you get everything done right the first time.



Faster Disputes

We start right away and work smart. 15 items (5 per bureau) every 35 days will allow us to give you the fastest results in the industry.



Score Assistance

We treat your credit score like it is our own. While reviewing your report we will pinpoint areas of your report that you can take action against to increase your FICO credit scores.



Credit Score Rebuilding

With our guidance you will have the tools necessary tp successfully open new credit cards and have the knowledge to manage balances for a optimal FICO score.

Extra Services

No matter what your needs, we have you covered.



Negotiation Guidance



 Goodwill Letters



Debt Validation



Three Credit Repair Tips


Recovering From A Financially Difficult Situation

Looking into the face of anything can be extremely difficult, even more so when it comes to a financial rough patch. You are not in this alone. The program we provide will give you a smart way to obtain new accounts, clean errors and get your credit report back on track. 


Dealing With Collections 

Collections agencies try as hard as they can to be perfect but seldom are. Collections are bought and sold and passed around from company to company. Errors can accumulate this way. Along with selling to collections a lot of creditors simply do not cease collection efforts causing duplicate accounts. Many of these debts that become old fall past the time allotted for reporting to the credit bureaus. Surprisingly there are many accounts that are simply reported to on the wrong persons credit report.


Revolving Debt Ratio

The Fair Isaac Organization better known as FICO puts a huge amount of scoring risk towards credit card ratios. When you sign up with us we will take care of all the disputing, however if you want a quick increase you should take a look at your credit to debt ratios on your revolving lines and consider lowering them down below 30% at minimum.


Simple Decision

 The decision to join our program is an easy one. We put our clients first with a 60 day money back guarantee. Simply let us know why you are unsatified with our service and we will refund you your money.